Ultimate Email Marketing Guide for Real Estate Developers 2021

email marketing

How Real Estate Developers can use Email Marketing to sell more apartments? As a real estate developer, you might have experienced a drastic change in the scene post 2020 and as a realtor you are exactly in line with the government’s thoughts – you too want to put people at home.😁😁 However, the only thing […]

10 Easy conversion rate optimization Hacks to Double Your Conversion Rate in 2021

optimize conversion rate

What exactly is Conversion rate optimization and how to optimize conversion rate? Well, the name might sound very technical but trust me it’s not. Today will discuss about  Top 10 easy to implement hacks to optimize conversion rate in 2021 and boost your business revenue (No 6 is Eye-opening!) Conversion rate optimization CRO is one […]

8 Amazing software to reduce bounce rate for new websites (2021)!

Reduce Bounce Rate

Home Publishing a new website is one of the most exciting milestones for your business. You spend hours researching and pour your hard-earned money to make it a reality. But the online world is vastly competitive, and unless you know what you are doing, your website will never appear on Google SERP. BOUNCE RATE of […]