10 Easy conversion rate optimization Hacks to Double Your Conversion Rate in 2021

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What exactly is Conversion rate optimization and how to optimize conversion rate?

Well, the name might sound very technical but trust me it’s not. Today will discuss about  Top 10 easy to implement hacks to optimize conversion rate in 2021 and boost your business revenue (No 6 is Eye-opening!)

Conversion rate optimization CRO is one of the most wanted practices in today’s day and age of digital marketing. However, the concept has been around for decades. In layman terms, it is the number of  sales a particular business can make with respect to the number of total viewings it gets in his or her website

Imagine yourself to be jeff Bezos. Imagine only Now for someone like Amazon, CRO takes utmost priority. A webpage with a million website traffic, what matters to them is the total number of conversion their products can get.

In online marketing, a conversion takes place when a website visitor on the page follows through with an action that you have wanted them to take. It can be purchasing any given product, filling out forms, clicking on a link to another website or signing up on a service.

Looks like it’s time for the government to hire us to optimize conversion rate on the vaccines.😀😀

How can conversion rate optimization help your business and why you should optimize conversion rate?

It can be thought of as a process to understand what is causing the user to come to your website. where the user is facing difficulties and how you can provide them with the best possible service.

convertion rate optimization

(Better if we can make our own formula diagram)

Now again, every business is different and would require different approaches towards them. But the most important part of the whole is the consumer himself. You need to understand what they are looking for, what they have to say about your website and how people use it.

Drown yourself in the market and look to draw connections and act on the feedback received. You can read our handy guide on how to gather customer feedback using customer feedback software.

Top 5 ways  conversion rate optimization can grow your business.
  1. Knowing your customers : The most important part of the learning curve.
  2. Boosting website revenue : The greater the conversion, the more the revenue generated.
  3. Leverage existing web traffic : Growth hacking is about taking advantage of your existing traffic
  4. Improve website search engine ranking to improve website conversion rate
  5. Take more calculated risks : Based on the data; more risks can be taken now that we know the likes and dislikes of the consumer base.

Top 10 easy to implement hacks to optimize conversion rate in 2021 and boost your business revenue (No 6 is Top secret!)

1. Trend / Topic driven content:

  • Write more and more on topics which are trending but with a little something that  others do not have.
  • How-to articles and blog posts work really well
  • Search for keywords related to your business and keep including them in your content

Organize your content, aggregate subtopics and add bullet points. (Everything that we’re trying to do basically xD)

2. Improve your visual content:

Our vision is one of our prime sense organs and has a major impact on our brain. Studies suggest that pairing information with a relevant image allows people to remember it up to 65%. GIFs, Videos and infographics play a major role in the same. You can use sites like canva, crello to make amazing looking visual content without much effort.

So, add more and more video content in your marketing strategy. Remember YouTube is second biggest search engine, so why not use it properly?

3. Live videos webinars online AMA session to better connect with your audience

The world has been taken into storm by live videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With proper exposure, your content can reach millions with ease.

With a high engagement rate, you will have a much greater conversion rate.
these live videos can explain your business, your products or even your journey. Express it with a touch of personal backdrop for people to relate to it.

4. Creating and Releasing CTAs.

Call to Actions include web design and development. these are words meant to trigger an immediate response from the reader. it may be a word, a phrase or even sentence.
These are critical for lead generation and allows you to get better results. Follow the
above the fold” approach to highlight the most important parts of your article.

5. Online Reviews to improve your brand authority

Reviews build a sense of trust and allows people to be more faithful towards the product/service.
the more the positive review, the better it is. inclusion of pictures from the consumers also helps in building faith. You can use tools like Trustpilot to gather reviews about your product. You can learn more about customer feedback tools in our dedicated blog on that topic.

6. Use A/B split testing to better understand what is working and what is not.
So what is A/B testing you might ask?

A/B testing involves dividing your incoming traffic into 2.
both the audiences are shown two different websites of the same content. The change may include that of the language, aesthetics or of the outlay itself.
The objective of the experiment is to understand what works for the majority consumer and what does not.

A few starting points are:
a) Headlines
b) Placement of buttons
c) Page layout
d) Media

7. Use The conversion funnel to better know your customer and optimize conversion rate.

The conversion concept funnel arises to understand the concept of customer value proposition. CVP is used to explain the added value that only your website/product can bring to the customer.
The objective is to reach the bottom of the funnel, so as to maximize our conversion rate and increase website traffic.

This is how a conversion funnel looks like.
a) Awareness for the product
b) Interest for the product
c) Desire for the product
d) Action taken for it

the purchase funnel

8. Make the proper use of product headlines and descriptions by using the correct language on product pages.

Ensure that your product description is easy on the eye and conveys whatever the product is about.
Explain only the relative things about the product and do not meander from the topic. Right product description can help you extract the desired actions from your potential customers

9. Create a sense of urgency

A great way to boost sales, it often involves using concepts of Time and Supply.
Time [ last day offers] and Supply [ last product available]
You can use this trick for when you need to eliminate a few products out of a bigger array. For example: Out of 20 flavors of ice cream, if you want 6 flavors to have a greater sale; put them up on a bigger offer only for a day.

More than often hotels and theatres show the sold-out section only to create a sense of urgency for the remaining seats.
Authenticate your urgency. Trust trumps all.

Something clearly Trump couldn’t do. Hahaha🤣🤣 trust the process

10. Improve your website bounce rate to increase conversion rate.

Bounce rate is when someone visits our landing page and leaves with minimum interaction with your website. So, if your customer is going with minimum interaction, something is wrong with your website’s user experience.

So, to find out how to reduce bounce rate, you can read our blog, which talks in detail on how you can reduce bounce rate and optimize conversion rate and increase the number of visitors coming to your site.


You now know what conversion rate is and why it is so important to improve those micro conversions. You can learn more and more about your business while increasing your sales at the same. So now that you have everything at your disposal; will you be taking the plunge into the world of CRO.

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