Top 8 social media marketing hacks to make your gym business profitable in 2021!

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Use Social Media Marketing to grow your gym business and make it more profitable.

What if I tell you even in this current corona age, when most gyms are closed in Kolkata, you can use social media marketing to keep your gym business rolling and keep generating cash. Sound too good to be true, right? Keep reading, and I will tell you about 8 proven ways by which you can turbocharge your gym business in kolkata by using the power of social media marketing and make it profitable.

Social media in the modern age is one of the fastest and best ways to share information, spread messages among friends, relatives, coworkers and customers. In contemporary times social media can be used as a marketing tool to promote any business, and if used right, it can supercharge your business growth in no time.

Social media marketing is not a one person work.

A fitness Centre or gym can’t get its audience overnight when you start your business. While social media marketing is a fantastic way to increase your customer base and generate new leads, it also takes many planning and strategy and active monitoring to make it work.

Depending on your business and audience size, this can be challenging, and you might have to hire a full-time professional or digital marketing agency. Let’s discuss some clever hacks which a social media marketing agency uses to boost your gym “s social media presence.

Top 8 social media marketing ideas by which you can improve your gym business and make it profitable.


1). Social listening and Monitoring

What is social listening? Social listening is the process of hearing and listening to social media conversations of your customers by monitoring social media messages directly related to your brand or business.

Say, for example, “You are the owner of a gym in Kolkata, and you hear 2 of your customers speaking that the AC in your gym is not cooling enough. Now, what will be your response? You will ask some other member of your gym if they have the same issue, then you will conclude and fix the problem before it’s too late.

Nowadays people talk about something which they don’t like on social media platform. They might do the same if they don’t like something about your gym. Now you can’t keep track of every conversation on social media which mention your brand.

This is where a dedicated social media team handling your online presence comes into the picture. A competent social media agency like SquashCode will keep track of every conversation on the internet with your business name. This will let you know if your customers enjoyed your service or not.

You can use the gathered data to know all the pain points of your customer can come up with solutions to fix that problem. Social listening and monitoring, if done correctly, will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.


Social listening and monitoring


2.) Establish your target Audience

For your social media marketing strategy to be successful, it’s essential first to establish your target audience. For example, suppose your gym focuses on people wanting to gain muscle. In that case, your social media content calendar needs to be tailored to that audience.

It’s essential to know your target audience so you can understand their problems, address their concerns, and then advertise how your fitness Centre can solve their problem. This might sound complex, but believe me, the rewards will help you make tons of money if you hire the right people.

3.) Post content that appeals to your target audience and increase engagement .

Once you have determined your audience. Start posting content on social media to appeal to that group.

For example, if you want to target individuals in Kolkata looking to lose weight, start posting before and after photos of your member who have lost weight after joining your gym.

If you want to target people looking to join a bodybuilding competition, use social media to post before and after photos of people who have gained muscle after joining your gym.

No matter who your audience is, it’s essential that before you post anything on social media, you consider how your customer perceives it? And most importantly if your contents can influence them enough that they join your fitness Centre.

4.) Top 12 Social Media Content Ideas for Gyms and Personal Trainers.
  1. Ask your customers for REVIEWS/TESTIMONIALS – Then showcase that on your social media handles.
  1. Share innovative Workout ideas – With your fan on your social media handles to keep them motivated even during the lockdown.
  1. Post Healthy recipes – Engage with your fans on social and talk about healthy eating habits and share yummy healthy recipes.
  1. Promote your gym trainers – Improve your gym credibility by promoting your trainers and their certification.
  1. Celebrate client achievements – Promote your client achievements on your social media to motivate others to join.
  1. Show behind the scenes action of your gym – Posting “behind the scene ” is a great way to let your client know about your dedication.
  1. Run a fitness challenge – Such a post generates lots of engagement and makes people start talking about your brand.
  1. Go live and promote a personal training session of your client – Such a post also generates lots of engagement.
  1. Share User-Generated Content (UGC) – Sharing UGC will tell everyone how happy your clients are. And if your clients are satisfied, then your business must be doing it right.
  1. Host free giveaways – Everyone loves something for free once in a while. Giveaways generate lots of engagement which in turn will get you more customers.
  1. Offer a free one day trial – You can invite people to visit your gym and workout for free for one day.
  1. Offer decent referral incentives to your fan – Offering referral incentives is an excellent way of spreading awareness about your gym via word of mouth.


know your customer


5) Provide your customers with Beneficial information.

One of the easiest ways of gaining people confidence, trust and improving your brand authority is providing people with free valuable information. And trust me, this just works. Make sure your content makes your customer believe – You are in it to help them!

This is a great social media marketing strategy for getting users to sign up for your fitness Centre because users will know that you care about their success more than anything else.

6) Use Social media and offer Online Classes . Generate money even when your gym is closed during the lockdown.

Sounds too good to be true? Your gym might be closed, and people are stuck in their houses, but everyone internet is on. Use social media marketing to target them. Start online Zumba, dance or yoga classes. Then you can start advertising on social media and start promoting those online classes.

If you are advertising on Facebook, then use a look-alike and custom audience to precisely target the people with the advertisement of your online classes. Hire one of the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata and let them handle all these for you. While you focus on improving your business,

7).Use Influencer Marketing to promote your fitness centre.

Nowadays, influencers are everywhere, from micro-influencers to mega influencers. Find famous fitness influencers in Kolkata and start approaching them to promote your gym. You can even offer them a free membership so they can come and start working out in your gym.

You might be thinking there are so many so-called fitness influencers but whom you should approach. Don’t worry. It might look daunting, but if you hire a good digital marketing agency in Kolkata, they will do all the research for you, and you will only see the results.


influencer marketing


8.) Dominate with Video Content

Videos are the future. Every social media algorithm loves it, so why not use it also to boost your business? A survey by Optinmonster says video marketers experience a 66% increase in leads every year.

You can post videos of your client testimonial, post video of new workout classes, post motivational videos to motivate your customer to work out even during the lockdown. Use the go-live option on Facebook and host #Fitness webinar, AMA

Wrapping up

Covid-19 and the ongoing lockdown has affected the fitness industry badly. With more people staying online, the use of social media has reached an all-time high. Consumers are looking for content for consumption and are looking for brands big or small to guide them in these challenging times.

As a business owner, it’s essential to take advantage of social media marketing and connect and help the customer in every possible way. If you never thought of social media before, now is the right time to invest in it and make sure your business survives these difficult times.

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Sagar Mondal

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