8 Amazing software to reduce bounce rate for new websites (2021)!

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Publishing a new website is one of the most exciting milestones for your business. You spend hours researching and pour your hard-earned money to make it a reality. But the online world is vastly competitive, and unless you know what you are doing, your website will never appear on Google SERP.

BOUNCE RATE of your website is one of that critical metric which can make or break your business. So want to know how to Reduce the Bounce Rate for new websites in 2021? Read on, and you will find out some secret free tools which you can use.

What is the bounce rate in digital marketing?

Bounce rate is when someone visits our website and leaves with minimum interaction with your website. Now, what is so bad about it, you might ask? If Google sees that people are leaving your website with less session duration, they will think your website content is terrible and won’t rank you for the keyword you are targeting.

So now let talk about some free Quantitative tools that you can use to track your website performance, pinpoint why visitors leave within a specific time period and Reduce Bounce Rate.

8 Amazing software to reduce bounce rate for new websites 2021

Firstly, we need to know that there are two types of available tools at your disposal. Quantitative and Qualitative. Today we will discuss the Quantitative tools. We will talk about Qualitative tools on our next blog so stay tuned! Quantitative tools allow you to collect numerical data to track and understand what is on your website/application.

4 tools you can use to Reduce the Bounce Rate and improve user experience.

1) General analytics tools

These tools collect information about your website and compile it into an easy-to-understand report that gives you a much-needed insight. With these tools, you can understand where you might be going wrong and what is causing the bounce rate. You can then use the data to rectify the problem and achieve a good bounce rate.

Here are two best analytics tools you can use right now for free

A) Google analytics 

One of the best free tools available on the market. It will help you track and analyse data about you home page, product pages . It allows you to see which keywords bring in the most visitors and which designs may be unpleasing to them. It tells you how fast pages on your site loads.  Extremely Powerful, flexible and easy to use, marketers can find messages and channels which give them the best results. Setup analytic on your website by visiting Google analytic.

google analytics

Top five essential features of Google Analytics :

  • It reports about your website traffic – It will tell you how many people visit your site each day. How many people left your website without opening any other pages, aka bounce rate. You can use this data to reduce bounce rates if you have a new website.
  • Conversion tracking – If you have contact form submission, e-commerce sales, or phone calls on your website, you can use Google Analytics to track it.
  • Find out what keywords people are searching for when they found your website on search engine – You can implement those keywords, gain traffic, and reduce bounce rate.
  • Third-party referrals –  It will tell you which third party websites have sent you visitors.
  • Custom Dash board – To see all your data in one place.

B) Spring Metric analytics 

The software aims at real-time messages for the incoming traffic to increase the conversion rate and average order size.

Spring Metrics Analytics

Top 6 features of Spring metrics analytics:

  • It is optimized for mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.
  • It can give you an insight into the source, location and landing page.
  • It includes keyword analytics and intelligence.
  • Point and Click Configuration.
  • Real-Time Conversion Dashboard.
  • Provides you details about both short- and long-term revenue gains.

2) Website Heatmap tools. What is a Website Heatmap?

Heat maps provide you with a colour representation of the website elements, giving you the most and least interacted areas. Reddish-yellow shows the most integrated buttons, whereas the blue indicates that it is going cold. It helps you understand if people can follow through with the critical content, the main links, buttons and calls to action.

You can analyze this data and find out which part of your website people like visiting and which part they don’t interact. Then you revamp your website and reduce the bounce rate if you implement working throughout your site.

Here are some of the best Heatmap Softwares in 2021 for new website owners :

A) Mouse flow – What is Mouse flow?

Mouseflow is a behavior analytics platform used to optimize website experience. It allows you to find out what happens between visitor clicks by watching video recordings of their time on the website. A friction score helps you fix issues rather than wasting time in finding them. Build six types of heatmaps for all your pages automatically to maximize utility.

mouse flow

B) Hotjar – What is Hotjar?

One of the most accessible tools to use and set up. Hotjar gives you an out-of-the-box solution. It complements Google analytics very well. It tries to improve your UX and improve conversions as well. Ideal for software developers and advertising agencies. However, there is no feature to track logged-in users or create customer profiles for segmentation. Visit Hotjar for more information.


3) Funnel tools (Use them to skyrocket your conversation and increase customer retention rate.)

A funnel is a marketing term for the potential journey customers goes through to make their purchases. If you engage with your customer and bring them to a sale funnel when they visit your website or blog post, your bounce rate will reduce drastically.The funnel may depend on the business for the number of steps they want or the way they want their funnel designed. It involves automated emails, videos articles and landing pages that do the selling.

funnel tool

What are the best sales funnel tools in 2021?

A) HubSpot Lead Management

Features include landing page templates, the system for creating and distributing content offers and email automation. It also has additional support in marketing, sales and service needs.

B) GetResponse

One of the best software’s out there, GetResponse has newly started a funnel conversion service, which gives you access to more automated sales. It helps you create a product catalogue. Create and run Facebook ad campaigns and create landing pages. Add subscribers to an autoresponder cycle and drove users to sales pages. Furthermore, it takes payments for products as well.

funnel tool 2 only if we could have such a software while we talk to our crush as well, am I right xD                  gif

4) Form Analysis tools. What Is Form Analytics?

Form analysis is the next step to understand what is happening on your website as soon as the page laods. It can help you know how people are interacting with your forms. It enables you to get even more conversions. Form Analytics allows you to track how many people see your Form versus how many fill it out and where they get stuck in the process. You can use this data to improve your Form and eliminate any annoying fields that your customer is not liking, thus reducing the bounce rate.

This process can help you grow your email list, reduce form abandonment and give out a time report for how long it takes to fill them out. One other important aspect is that it shows which is the most corrected field (i.e., where people are editing most of their answers) and which field gets ignored the most.

Here are the best Form Analytics Tools (That Work in 2021)

A) MonsterInsights

It tracks any form submission automatically on your website, allowing you to track form submissions in google analytics as well. Easy view on impressions, conversions and conversion rate. – Data filtration can be done concerning time in 7days or 30 days or a custom date range.

Monster insights

B) Formisimo

A comprehensive tool that reveals why people do not complete your forms. Heavy performance and insight are the main features of this tool. Form overview allows you to see the number of visitors, how many started and how many finished—field Drop Off Report shows which fields cause users to abandon the Form. Completion time, most corrected fields and Real-time reports are unique features that give you the complete view of how the Form is reacted to. 4 different plans are present according to the scale of your business.


Wrapping up

The tools described above will help you uncover the complete nick and crook of what is happening on your new website. If you use these tools and implement the data correctly, Bounce rate won’t be your nemesis anymore. If you are still having problem with high bounce rate then you can contact a digital marketing company in kolkata to do a technical audit of your website and tell you exactly what is wrong and improve your organic search result.

We hope this helps in dealing with your business as well. Do let us know what would you like us to cover next. Thank you and all the best.

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