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How Real Estate Developers can use Email Marketing to sell more apartments?

As a real estate developer, you might have experienced a drastic change in the scene post 2020 and as a realtor you are exactly in line with the government’s thoughts – you too want to put people at home.😁😁

However, the only thing changed is the way you play the game. If the industry was earlier dominated by offline house showing and pamphlets on bus stands; it is now a show of strength on your mobile devices and laptops

From generating new leads to completing successful sales and improving engagement rates, this industry is now heavily reliant on digital marketing.

Today we will be getting into email marketing and the kind of email marketing strategy you need to ace it!

What is email marketing ?

Email marketing is a highly effective strategy of being in touch with all your customers through email newsletters. It is a continuing process where you aim to convert your prospects to clients and clients to loyal buyers with highly engaging email . In terms of real estate, you can be targeting other brokers, clients, sellers, and government employees and start making money!making money

Top 5 Mind-blowing reasons why you should use email marketing in 2021.

1. Emails have the best ROI (return on investment). It is three times to what every other app can earn.

2. An immediate sense of impact. A classic example would be a 24hr sale. It is a ploy to create an immediate sense of urgency and convinces subscribers to take action.

3. Many of these email marketing software’s allow you to track email openings, click-through rate and conversion rates. Hence, you can easily make you changes with an immediate effect.

4. Own your targeted list. This already engaged audience will always stay with you. They do not get deleted / suspended without any reason.

5. Significantly increases traffic to your website when you properly optimize email marketing campaign.

Now, How do we get started with email marketing? No worries, señor we have just the right tips for you. and by tip we are strongly against insider trading.

How to do email marketing? Follow our easy to implement step by step guide 

1. Choose an email service providers ESP .

An email service provider allows you to segregate your audience, organize your list and distribute email campaigns and plans to your audience.

It is a way your business can send automated emails to effectively deliver messages to large groups of contacts or subscribers. It involves having adept marketing tools and email templates to help you and your business grow.

Best email service providers ESP in 2021 are  

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Hubspot
  • Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo
  • ConvertKit
  • Campaign Monitor

Choose a provider which has more of a genre in your location and your business. Because location matters most in real estate.

2. Generating leads and contacts for your email marketing list 

List building is an essential part of any email marketing campaign. We can generate leads and contact organically by going through websites and social media.

See which crowd follows these sites. See leads in print media. Make a calculated list, and then start slow but with a good group.

Put out your ads in papers which focus on real estate. Follow pages which involve themselves in listings and advertisements of the same.

We can use lead generating tools to get us a list of people interested in the topic you select. You wont be knowing any of them but it provides a much larger unknown crowd to the agency.

It depends on the user to go with either of the methods and both have been proven successful.

who knows your next client on your list might just be Jeff bezos 😅😅unbelievable.gif

3.Personalized Email marketing with Segmentation

Email list segmentation is a good idea to break your subscribers into smaller groups based on specific criteria. They can then be subjected to more personalized and relevant emails.

This allows you to show to the reader that you are concerned about their needs and allows you to get a higher percentage of conversions.

Email marketing with segmentation is proven to increase email open rates, boost your click through rates and decrease your unsubscribe rates.

(Click through rates are the proportion of visitors to a web page who follow a hypertext link to a particular site.)

Divide your crowd in groups of prices, area, buyer, seller, broker, bhk and other such criteria. Only if our journey through life would have had such tactics :

Advantages of segmenting –

  • We can now send relatable automated emails to such crowds, helping you to boost your leads and make sales.
  • It is now easier to use proper subject lines and messages to attract readers to open these emails.
  • Sending relatable email to people will turn your emails into lead magnets.

inverted pyramid method

5 Unbeatable strategies to maximize your Email open rate:

One of the most important aspects of email marketing is the open rate. Even with the right list and segmenting, if the email is not opened then our work gets cut short.

Given below are a few methods to increase your email open rate –

  1. Avoid unnecessary spam filters.
  2. Keep your list fresh either by constantly adding new, potential clients or by removing the old redundant ones.
  3. Pay attention to the time when users are most active in your country. Send emails during this time to catch the user in their operational hours.
  4. Write relatable, crisp yet humour injected content. Something which is not too dragged and boring. light information filled content carries the reader through the entirety of the email.
  5. Ask questions. Curiousity is a big part in getting a higher click rate. curiousity.gif

Once your list is segmented, Email Automation is the next thing in the list.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email automation allows you to create emails that reach the right people with the right message at the right moment—without repeating the process every time. it helps you to send out personalize customer reactions and experiences.

Helps save your team a lot of work and time thereby being able to use them elsewhere. it also greatly boosts your capability to increase scale.

TOP 4 excellent techniques of email automation in 2021 are :

  1. Send new members on your list a personalized “welcome” sequence. An intriguing header always gets you the best first impression.
  2. It can allow you to send your customers, content cross related to their purchases; but not to the extent that it becomes spam.
  3. Map out an entire email trail. Right form the introduction to the closing; All while explaining the product, the offers it can get, the market right now. Everything you need to ensure your consumer feels in depth with what they’re getting into.
  4. Finally, we’ve to monitor the progress these emails are getting in terms of open rates, click through rates and unsubscribe rates, opted in to receive.

Key takeaways from this guide –

  • What is email marketing?
  • Why email marketing
  • How to get started with email marketing
  • Personalized Email marketing with Segmentation
  • Maximizing your Email open rate
  • Email Automation


We hope this gives you the boost you need to make your business reach the next level with these email marketing tips. You can also read our in-depth article on how to optimize conversion rate  and double your conversion rate.

Give us your reviews below and stay tuned for more content about all these topics in depth. Thank you

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